From backyard ponies to large show barns

  • Wellness and sick exams
  • Vaccination and deworming strategies
  • Coggins and Health certificates
  • Custom dentistry (by hand and Powerfloat)
  • Surgery (castration, laceration repair, biopsy)
  • Lameness and pre-purchase evaluations
  • Radiography (x-rays)


Dairy, beef, draft, and pet cattle

  • Preventative herd health
  • Individual sick exams and treatment
  • Obstetrics (calvings and C-sections)
  • Health certificates
  • Tailored vaccination programs
  • Surgery (dehorning, castration, standing DAs)

Small Ruminant

Goats, sheep, llamas, and alpacas

  • Annual vaccinations (CD+T, Rabies, etc.)
  • Strategic deworming programs
  • Surgery (disbudding, dehorning, castration)
  • Routine foot care (trimming and instruction)
  • Health certificates and blood testing